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By Tan-JaRecently, I was contacted by a reader who asked the question,

I write a blog each week which I only post on FB. I have a blog site but rarely use it. Without going into too much detail can you tell me the benefits of a blog site? Essentially I just enjoy writing positive experiences–at week 176 now. Rodney 

I love Rodney’s Facebook page – and he has the right reason for using it as he does. This was my response to Rodney:”Rodney, in essence, what you are doing is blogging on Facebook – sharing your thoughts, opinions, ideas…. If you were to blog on your own website, you would basically be opening yourself u

My Principles are based on these 3 facts:

 – Effective and Clear Communication. This is essential for businesses and bloggers to get their message across. If I write for you, we communicate all the time until you get exactly what you want. If you attend one of my workshops, I will clearly communicate with you how to write, blog or use NLP to get results.

– Treat Your Customers Well. Students and clients deserve only the best and should only be treated as they deserve. I endeavor to give you 100% of my time and efforts whenever we are working together. I only ask for communication and feedback in return.

– Work Together. Unless we work together, we won’t achieve the same end result. I work happily for and with bloggers, website owners, small and corporate businesses and individuals wanting to improve relationships at home p to the opportunity to make money from your blog. This is easily done passively through adsense, sponsorship, affiliate links and the selling of products or your own books/training that you offer.”

Should Rodney Blog Using a Website?

That’s a great question – let’s take a look.1. Passion – Rodney is obviously passionate about what he does, or he wouldn’t be doing it in his spare time. If you don’t have the passion to begin a blog for enjoyment, and not care whether or not you make money, then to blog using a website is not for you.Setting up a blog using a website is time consuming, must be tended to, and looked after. If you have it hosted, it will cost you money, and you may soon lose interest if you’re not passionate about your topic.2. Motivation –  Rodney is very motivated. He blogs on his Facebook page constantly, and has developed a nice following. As he already has a dedicated following, he could easily make the transition to blog using a website, and begin monetizing his blog.His social media page could then be used to promote his website and any posts he writes, could be advertised through Facebook.3. Business – If you blog using a website, you have the opportunity to turn your blog into a business. If you want to. There are a lot of successful bloggers out there who don’t make money from their blog, and have no intention of ever doing so.Rodney may feel the same. He may feel that his passion suddenly becomes hard work if he has to maintain a website, deal with sponsors, find affiliates and organise payment avenues. Or he may not.Some bloggers are natural entrepreneurs and love the challenge of all that business offers. They see opportunities before others do, are natural risk takers and are not afraid to try something new. Failure is only a lesson, not forever.So back to the original question.

Should Rodney Blog Using a Website?

Only Rodney can answer that. I don’t know Rodney personally. He has received this free plug to his Facebook page (which you really should check out), because he bothered to take the time to interact and wasn’t afraid to ask a question.However, if he is willing to find answers to questions and is not afraid to ask questions, I suspect Rodney has entrepreneurial qualities. If I had to choose whether or not he should blog using a website, I’d say, “Go for it, Rodney! You can’t know until you try.”What are your thoughts? Should Rodney blog using a website, or should stay cozy with Facebook? Leave your comments below and let Rodney know what you think.



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