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By Tan-Ja

Who Do You Write For?

Do you know who reads your blog post every time you put one up? Do you know who logs on in the morning to look at your website and gather more information about the products you sell?To figure out who you blog and write for is quite an easy task.First of all, take a look at what people are buying from you. Who Do You Write For Tan-JaIf you are selling women’s shoes and the best-selling shoes are high, glitzy heels in size 8, youcan probably assume these are women who want to look good.They are probably going out to better than average takeaway restaurants and would mostly be earning enough money to go out in the first place.If you are selling a service, what age group buys comes to you? What gender, problems or service do they look and keep coming back for?Build a Profile of Who You Write ForBuild a specific profile of this person. And drill down to their personality. Here’s an example.I write for 3 people.

1. The busy blogging Mum who has 2 children, a dog called Bouncer that the kids wanted,  but she ends up feeding and walking because the kids ‘forget’ to do it. She looks after them and her husband who is the major breadwinner until her blog becomes popular enough that she can earn money from it.

I write articles about organisation, blogging and how to run a successful household at the same time. I interview other blogging mums who are successful, and this helps her to keep dreaming, knowing others were in her position once.

 2. The small business owners who begin as sole traders, and are determined to make it in the business world.  They lack time and the knowledge in every area of business and come to me learn how to blog and improve their website. They are driven, focused, and want to succeed.

I show them how to write and work online in a much ‘smarter’ way. They will then gain the freedom to do the things in business they originally set out to do.

3. My stuck people. This is the woman who lacks confidence, but wants more. She wants to make money, but is scared to spend money doing it. She is in a relationship she doesn’t know if she really wants to be in, and finds it hard to make decisions in case she makes the wrong one. She needs more nurturing articles, more relationship and lifestyle articles and advice. She is the one who will write to me each week with the same problem, but in a different way.

This lady gets my NLP articles and services. The articles explain how to retrain your brain to go from a stuck state into a problem solving state. She usually becomes a client of my coaching clinic.So who is your number one reader of your blog? Who do you write for?

Write For and Sell With One Reader in Mind

If you are selling shoes as part of your fashion blog, you should have someone in mind that reads your blog and buys from you.It is probably a woman who wants to look good and is buying glitzy high heels from you. She is after the good life. She is probably in the 20 – 30 year old bracket, has a good job, is sociable and does not have kids.She likes to keep fit and goes to the gym or plays a sport. She enjoys the occasional glass of wine and is investigating organic foods.The types of articles I would write for her would be related to fashion, food and restaurants. Here are some headlines I would suggest:

  1. Do You Have the Right Heels For Your Friday Night Out?
  2. Which Heels Show Off Your Figure Best
  3. You Can Tell A Lot About a Lady By Her Heels
  4. Glitz and Glamour: How to Let Your Heels Do the Walking

Can you see the difference? You are drilling down and catering for this niche market. Of course you will still be selling your other shoes, but for now, if this is your audience, keep them and grown them.In ten years time, things may be different – but for now, ask yourself – “Who do I write for?” [author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Tan-Ja has taught adults and children how to write and blog for over a decade. She herself is a Professional Blogger – standing in for those who don’t have time to blog. She also enjoys teaching teenagers and adults who want to learn to blog or write and how to make money doing it.She runs courses on how to create great content for your website or blog. as well as writers retreats for bloggers and writers who want to publish their blog or books online. There are courses coming up in March in Rocklea, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast with Computer Smart Training.Contact Tan-Ja directly for more information or inquire by phoning the Computer Smart Training Centre today on (075) 5395666.Want to see more of Tan-Ja or hear her messages? Follow her on Twitter or Facebook. You can also check out her pics on Instagram.



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