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Have you ever been dumped? Do you need a range of strategies to get over him? If you do, you need a love detox. And who better to give this to you than Kaitlyn from “Happily Ever After in a Charlie Brown World.


Tan-JaBio: My name is Kaitlyn. I am twenty-three years old. I work with words all day. I used to think there was a word for everything. Now I know I was wrong. Some moments are too beautiful or too heart breaking or too…something…for words. These are the moments we ponder forever in our hearts. These are the moments I want to capture with my life.

I asked Kaitlyn to share the beginnings of her blog and how it all began…

Tan-Ja: How long have you been blogging?

Kaitlyn: I have only been blogging for about a month now. I don’t make money at it, but I don’t necessarily want to. I have a voice, and I simply want my voice to be heard.

Tan-Ja: Tell me a little about yourself

Kaitlyn: I love to write. Writing relaxes me. Writing excites me. Writing inspires me. I am an editor by day and a writer by night. Journaling used to be the extent of my writing prowess. But then, a month ago, something happened to make me explore the world of blogging. I got dumped.

Tan-Ja: Tell me more, I’m intrigued!

Kaitlyn: Technically I did the dumping. I dumped my best friend of four years the week before Christmas. And he wouldn’t let me go. I tried to explain over and over how I was making the best decision for both of us. I didn’t want to hold him back any longer. (He wants to move overseas to Chile.) After a month of arguing, he dumped me and told me that he was taking back my Christmas present. How was I supposed to handle that?

Tan-Ja: How did you handle it?

Kaitlyn: Thankfully, Anne, a good friend from college days, watched a television show that evening. Matthew Hussey spelled out his fail-proof love detox. Anne suggested that I detox myself for the prescribed month and blog about it. And that’s what I’ve done.

Tan-Ja: How did you create your blog and what’s it called?

Kaitlyn: I created my blog at a little over a month ago. I call it “Happily Ever After in a Charlie Brown World.” We all want happily ever after, and we all live in a world where fairy tales seem impossible.

Tan-Ja: Did the Love Detox work, and did you get your happily ever after?

Kaitlyn: Did the detox work? You’ll have to read my blog to find out. No matter what, I still have my life. I still have my voice. I still have my blog. I’m sure that one day in the future, my voice will be heard.

What an amazing woman and what a terrific blog! For anyone who has ever begun a blog for whatever reason, you have become a success already.

And if only one person reads it, that’s okay. One person who loves your blog will tell another person, who will tell another person and before you know it, you’ll have an audience and heaps of traffic.

Never stop blogging – ever.

Next Steps for The Love Detox

I’m not sure what Kaitlyn has planned for her blog, but I would suggest that she buy a domain name through my favourite hosting company, GoDaddy.

She could then set up a hosting account and build a WordPress site.

By subscribing to my blogging tips, she could get suggestions about headlines, keywords, and ways to monetise her blog.

Although Kaitlyn said that she doesn’t care if she makes money from her blog or not, her chosen niche could be an excellent source of income for her.

Her story is fascinating and akin to Sex in the City! She could talk about her whole journey as a single lady and I know that I for one, would love to read about her exploits in love and life.
She could promote affiliate products like I do. Kaitlyn could also put adsense on her site for passive income, and develop a book or a set of love resources to sell on her own site or through Amazon.

From there she could become a speaker (she has the credentials), and promote her blog, her book and herself as an authority in love and how to survive it.

The sky is the limit in blogging!

Kaitlyn has so much going for her and I wish her nothing but the best for her journey into blogging.

And if you want to know if the Love Detox worked for her, then follow her journey as I will at Happily Ever After.

How to Blog With Focus

My quote for this week (and every week it seems) is, “If people won’t change, then change your attitude. Look inside yourself, instead of to others for the change.”

And yes, my very own quote from my very own head, which means I own the copyright and yes, you can share it with the world as many times as you like! (Just credit out of courtesy).

Do you find that too often you become stuck in other people’s lives, limiting beliefs and circumstances? Their life is not your life to play with, talk about or even give an opinion on if you’re not invited. If you want change in your life, you need to get your focus right. You need to look at you instead of everyone else.

Is it easy to look within yourself instead of looking to others for the change to your life and circumstances? Heck no! But if you become aware that what you are doing is not helpful to you as a blogger (or a person), then half the battle is won.

Takeaway Tip – Focus on you and your blog. Not the other 27 million blogs in your niche. Set yourself a goal on how to blog with focus. Make it simple. For example. I will write a blog post about me and my life every Tuesday and Saturday morning. And write it in your calendar. Make your first blog post, “How to Blog Like Me.” And tell people that you are blogging about you and your experiences and your perspective.

How to Blog About You

I have an amazing client who is beautiful on the inside and out. But too often she worries about other people and what is going on in their lives instead of focusing on her own life.

She gets upset when people take her blog out of context, or when her family don’t understand what she is trying to achieve at the tender age of 23.

She looks too hard into the lives of her friends and is always wondering what they are earning, where they are traveling to or what they are buying, instead of focusing on things that really matter – herself and her earnings, teaching herself how to blog effectively as well as her own travels and shopping days.

At the moment, her blog is all about other people and how the world is not doing right by her. It’s funny, compelling and quirky – and negative. Her readers come and go. They don’t engage with her because she is not focusing on herself. She is focusing on others and how they are not living up to her expectations. After we put out a short survey to her subscribers, we found out that readers wanted to know more about her and less about others. What she is blogging about is entertaining, but not deep enough to

So,at 4 am, as I prepare my meeting with her, I will tell her once again, “If these friends and family that you focus so hard on won’t change, then change your attitude. Look inside yourself, instead of others for the change.”

And today I will ask her to blog about her own life instead of others…. 🙂



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