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DSC_5169 - BandW - sqHi, I’m Tan-Ja, and I am a professional Writer, Blogger and Trainer in ICT’s (Internet Communication Technologies) with over 25 years worth of teaching and training experience.

I am also a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with Train the Trainer qualifications in this area. I am often asked to write on this subject and regularly write under the name, Anna Bella for online dating and relationship magazines.

I have also published a novel under this name and love the different people I meet when working with others who are dealing with relationship issues.

Since the late 1990’s, I have been teaching in the areas of technology, and I know what it takes to master the web through blogging, content writing or setting up a basic website. It takes a lot of time and effort when you are doing it on your own.

This is why my blogging courses and writing that I do for clients, follow the same Principles. Principles that have helped guide Tan-Ja.com to become a successful enterprise. And you can do the same with your business or blogging empire.

I Work By 3 Solid Principles

Effective and Clear Communication

This is essential for businesses and bloggers to get their message across. If I write for you, we communicate all the time until you get exactly what you want. If you attend one of my workshops, I will clearly communicate with you how to write, blog or use NLP to get results.

Treat Your Customers Well

Students and clients deserve only the best and should only be treated as they deserve. I endeavor to give you 100% of my time and efforts whenever we are working together. I only ask for communication and feedback in return.

Work Together Until We’re Both Happy With the Result

Unless we work together, we won’t achieve the same end result. I work happily for and with bloggers, website owners, small and corporate businesses and individuals wanting to improve relationships at home or at work.

In my world of business and online communications, I have found great results with indivuidual blogger, business owners and website owners that follow these 3 principles with me. You too, can have an abundance of possibilities open to you, if you follow the same principles.

How Did I Begin?

I Worked Through Agencies:  Tan-Ja.com was born out of a need of people who realised that these days, it is imperative to have a website presence for their business, but didn’t know how to put good content on it. So they came to me. I began working through agencies, writing people’s blogs, copy and content for their website.

I Started My Own Business: Once the clients kept coming back for more and more work, it was difficult to keep up with the demand, so I started my own business and was able to distribute work to other writers when the demand became too much. And I love it!

I Began Teaching Clients to Blog for Themselves:  Clients soon wanted to know how to blog and write content themselves. So I started showing them. It wasn’t long before I had two lots of clients.

Clients who didn’t have the time to blog or write good articles and ads for their website, (so I wrote for them) and clients who wanted to begin a blog, or learn how to write good articles for their site, but didn’t know how.

Today, I work with:

Time restricted website owners – I write their blogs, articles and copy for their websites and newsletters, so they can spend time doing what they do best in their business. This also gives them the chance to do what they want to do in their business. I give them the freedom they need for a very small outlay.

Mums, Dads, Teenagers, Young Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses – I teach them how to set up a website, write a blog, write an information product like an e-book, and show them how they can potentially make money from their blog or website.

I run regular blogging and beginner WordPress courses as well as Writers Retreats.

I’m here for you! If you want to better yourself, your website, or just begin a blog, then I can help you. Contact and connect with me today ~ Tan-Ja

We can connect when you subscribe to my newsletter for free to your right (or click on the link). You’ll automatically be signed up for a free account, giving you a free e-book, lots of free information each fortnight (so I don’t overwhelm you), as well as tips and tricks to get you started today.

Or you can fill in the contact form and let me know exactly what you need.


More About Tan-Ja and Her Story

How My Publicist Describes Me


Tan-Ja has worked in the area of Technology since the late 90’s and has a Masters Degree in Education (ICT). She majored in Information Technology and in a former life, she taught both children and adults around the world (Australia, UK and the Middle East). She has spent over a decade teaching children and teachers how to master the learning process, how to blog, work online and use the computer wisely in the curriculum.

Since leaving education, Tan has been teaching and training in the areas of ICT (in particular blogging), writing for the web, digital marketing, leadership and she herself has been writing blogging content and original articles for clients all over the world who don’t have time to do it themselves.  All Tan’s written content is original and will never be found anywhere else.

How Can Tan-Ja Help You?


Tan-Ja is an expert content writer in the areas of the:

Dating and Relationships Niche (online dating, relationship building, second time round love and romance)

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Market (leadership, personal development, depression, goal setting and exercise)

Training and Education (staff handbooks, leadership training, training manuals, school and education website topics)

Blogging (training and teaching University students, individuals and small businesses how to blog and how to write original, quality content for their own websites)

As a ghostwriter, editor, author and blogger, Tan-Ja has written and edited numerous articles for clients on a range of subjects in these niche areas.   She is also a ghostwriter and editor for travel sites, dating and relationship online magazines and professional small businesses.

Her corporate clients often engage her to write articles on Leadership and overcoming relationship problems in the workplace.

“Writing is my passion and all my written articles are original, descriptive and created to your satisfaction.  I love helping people take the unknown journey into the world of blogging and watching them grow. Let’s take a trip together!”

Testimonial Tanja

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