Article 46

  By Tan JaDo you ever get to the end of the day and wonder where all your time went? Do you ever feel like you’ve wasted time and wish you could go back in time and change things so that you become more productive? Well you can! And guess what? You can do this in just 5 minutes.As a writer, I found early on...

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Article 47

By Tan-JaAre you or your co-workers a neat freak? Or are you more of a make a mess as I go and clean up later type…Trudie from Vintage ……………. was recalling in her blog, of the time her and her husband had to separate and stop sharing a home office. The question she asked was, “Are you or your partner a neat freak or are...

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Article 48

By Tan Ja What Are the 3 Top Tips That Make a Great Leader? The Sunrise Breakfast Show Gang from Australia did a Year 12 student the honor of going to their Year 12 Leadership forum, and speaking to their aspiring leaders. At the Leadership forum, one student in particular, Year 12 student, David Smith, showed one of the greatest skills a leader could possess...

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Article 49

By Tan-Ja Want to know some SEO SECRETS? Read on… Last week, we talked about how getting high quality links from authoritative websites in your field can boost your search engine rankings. This time, we’re going to explore further into linking strategies, and how to determine and obtain “high quality” links. We’re also going to talk briefly about Google’s PageRank. Regular Links First, let’s examine...

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Article 50

By Tan-JaIf you’ve been following my recent blog posts, you should have a blog full with content you have passionately written. It should be a very interesting grapevine for the community of your chosen niche, as opposed to a lifeless factsheet.However, no matter how delicious your content is, if there is nobody to read it, you can’t generate profit from it. Traffic is the lifeblood...

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