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Have you ever wanted to know, ‘how to make a blog’? Since writing my “Blarticle”, I have been contacted by many readers wanting to know, “How to make a blog?” (or write a blarticle).  So I decided to put together very simple 2 part, “How to Make a Blog” series, making it easy for readers to understand blogging and how to get started.

Article 12

itle=”Blog or Article: What’s the Difference and Does it Really Matter?” href=”” target=”_blank”>Blarticle”, I have been contacted by many readers asking, “How do you make a blog?” (or write a blarticle).I began a 2 part beginner series, making it easy for readers to understand blogging and how to get started. In this article, we look at how to actually create your blog.It’s easier than you...

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Article 13

About Me Tan Jan!Content Expert and Writer As a native English speaking Australian and retired Head of Curriculum, my communication skills are first rate.  As an educator of over 25 years, English Communication Skills are a passion of mine. Having worked with websites since 1997, I am able to analyse and critique your website and offer suggestions to give customers a smoother experience while sifting through your...

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Article 14

By Tan-Ja Who Do You Write For? Do you know who reads your blog post every time you put one up? Do you know who logs on in the morning to look at your website and gather more information about the products you sell?To figure out who you blog and write for is quite an easy task.First of all, take a look at what people are...

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Article 15

the right reason foBy Tan-JaRecently, I was contacted by a reader who asked the question, I write a blog each week which I only post on FB. I have a blog site but rarely use it. Without going into too much detail can you tell me the benefits of a blog site? Essentially I just enjoy writing positive experiences–at week 176 now. Rodney  I love Rodney’s...

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