Build your following, gain customers and make more money by having a blog piece or article worth reading. Within your website, you will already have started a blog.

I can help you structure it correctly, check for flow, grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation, and ensure you have a great call to action. Because the opening headline and paragraph are the most important feature, I will optimize this and ensure your keywords are enough to give you great SEO, helping you to be found by Google.

1 Single blog
$35 /One time Payment
  • 1 Single blog piece or article between 0 – 800 words
1 Single blog
$59 /One Time Payment
  • 1 Single blog piece or article between 801 – 1000 words
words per page
$189 /One Time Payment
  • 1500 - 3000 words per page

For the Blog Section of your website, one blog is considered one page. Please specify which blog piece you want audited.

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